Resin flooring

Resin flooring - decorations on the floors require special protection. Application of resins enables to seal up the floor, deepen the colour of the surface, obtain resistance to atmospheric conditions, abrasion, UV rays, and also adds resilience, hardness, and facilitates cleaning. Resins in the interiors can be additionally protected with waxes, what results in additional high-sheen and extra protection against scratches and abrasion. In areas exposed to water posing some risk of slipping (e.g. bathrooms, ramps, balconies, etc.), additional anti-slip aggregate such as quartz sand can be applied. In order to increase the aesthetic value, metallic additives (gold, silver, copper, bronze), and glitter can be used. Our product range includes resins for internal and external application, of different level of resistance against abrasion, UV radiation, scratching, and mechanical damage.

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